SEDI Minna

Aimed at contributing to the Nation’s Technology Advancement.

SEDI Minna

Aimed at contributing to the Nation’s Technology Advancement.



Ceramic Ware

These are some of our ceramic products that are in common use. Flower pot, flower vase, tea kettle, water cup, tea cup, coffee cup, lab mortar, tea cup saucer, white and colored chalk to mention a few.

Mathematical Kits

The mathematical kit 27 solid of different shapes made-up of wood and labels accordingly to enable the teacher aid the pupil identify the shapes and calculate the geometry

Junior Secondary Science Kits

To build on the solid foundation that was laid through the use of PSK at the primary school level, this is to make the students rooted in the area of science and technology.

Melon Shelling Machine

The machine is simple to operate. It uses electricity as source of power; an electric motor is installed to rotate the huller that does the shelling. It can work for 12 hours daily.

Glaze Mixing Machine

The machine is electrically operated, used for mixing glaze so as to have uniform distribution of particle/sized of fine-grained zircon (Zr Si O4), alumina, etc crushed together for ceramic products.


Mechatronics Training Kit

This field of study which has triggered industrial revolution in developed nations has same capability to transform the economy of developing nations if keyed into in every level of education. However, for effective teaching and learning in this field, SEDI Minna presents

Wheel Powered Mobile Farm Sprayer

The weeding is the generally done with the help of Bulls becomes for small land farmers. Similarly, the seed sowing application is also done with the help of bulls, which in the present age is time consuming and laborious. The wheel powered mobile farm sprayer is a device used to spray a liquid.

A Four Station Multi-Color Screen Printing Machine

The machine prints four (4) t-shirts at a time, equipped with four screen flames and four station table top for t-shirt base. Both the screen frame part and table top base can be rotated independently at 360 degree, which user can operate at any station of the machine.